These days, anyone involved in digital marketing is dealing with “martech” since digital by default is technologically-based. It’s a combination of major initiatives, efforts and tools that use technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Two main platforms involved to develop the needed ad versions are DCO (Dynamic creative optimization) and CMP (Creative management platform). DCO-generated ads versus CMP-powered ones. We’ve talked more about DCO in a previous blog post. Here we put our focus on why CMP matters in advertising.

CMP in digital advertising

CMP makes digital advertising effective for businesses, more profitable for publishers, and better ad experiences for consumers. This platform offers a computer-assist tool so creative staff can frame targeted ads for specific segments.

CMP in advertising

The platform exploits machine learning, automated image cropping, generate automatic size and design and other computer-assists to help everyone generate a large variety of completed ads.

Ad campaigns have become multi-format, multi-size, multi-device, multi-audience and multi-channel. Creative management platform uses people-based ad targeting to facilitate this process and deliver the message to the desired audience.

CMP in a variety of industries

One comprehensive article talking about the uses of a CMP in a variety of industries. Companies personalise ads to targeted customers across channels — display and social.

In fare-driven industries like hotels, airlines and cruise liners, brands benefit because they are able to control what fares are being shown at a specific place and desired time.

Large B2B companies focus more on adapting the creative ads based on buyer personas and customer journey.

The ability to produce ads for their entire product lines benefits FMCG and automotive industries.

To get more nuanced ads large financial and insurance companies also apply CMP.

cmp in advertising

Targeting and personalising ads

In the end, the industry type is not the rock button that decides about the way companies employ CMP. There are many options for targeting and personalising ads to your audience. Most of the time its a combination of different data types. You just need to prioritize them and make contextual relevant to your product or industry.

But the truth is that advertisers and marketers are consuming a lot of pressure to leverage that data in the creative.

Our ACM – Creative Management Platform with DCO qualities, is created to beautifully present relevant and fresh content. Companies that take the audience data from the DMP, make a strategy, use creative solutions and actually execute that strategy are getting better ROI from all the efforts.