Dynamic creative optimisation is a relatively unused technology in the online advertising space.

But it tends to rise deeply in advertisers strategy. Why? DCO has allowed marketers to reach the right person at the right time – with fairly impressive scale and pricing efficiency.

Marketers have very powerful tools to reach a very targeted audience on the web thanks to an explosion in consumer data. With this kind of technology, you can create personalised ads based on data about the viewer at the moment of ad serving.

Of course, DCO is not new. The idea of switch elements of a creative ad to better match the target user has been in the advertising world for a number of years.

There is a lot of misunderstandings about DCO. In a moment where Social Media takeover we must try to not lose our focus. But how you can combine interesting, eye-catching ads with personalised data-based ads?

Here is the answer to our question – Why a DCO Matters in advertising?

Dynamic creative optimization is all about native advertising in real-time for each shopper and context. Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.

Unlike every other Display advertising format, DCO provides the most common need for advertisers – it doesn’t look like an ad. It gives people the possibility to see what they need to see at the moment.

With, you can be sure that your ads continuously change and adapt according to each shopper’s preferences and browsing history. You can use data about previously viewed products, geolocation, time of display, etc.

Use of DCO in advertising

A common use of DCO is product retargeted ads. This kind of ads shows dynamic content based on a person’s website browsing. It shows data like products viewed or added to a shopping cart. In a retargeting scenario, the number of products displayed can be optimised for each potential customer.

The best use of DCO is in a combination of 3rd party data (non-intrusive data) like geo, weather, context and behavior. The power of tailoring your messages in a world is what a true DCO has to master.

We at Adssets truly believe that content is king. We also believe that if you place your content in relevant context you will build a kingdom. You only need to do what you do best: create imaginative content as a foundation for marketing campaigns.

ACM, our Creative Management Platform with DCO qualities, is created with the idea that content should always be beautifully presented, relevant and fresh!

We are now finally about to see programmatic, content, and creative come full circle.