Reach your KPI with ACM's e-commerce advertising solutions!

Brand uplift

Want to make an impact so great that no one will ever forget what products or services your company provides? With our Brand uplift solutions, we help brands to get greater visibility among all others.

The solution

With ACM's vast range of auto playing video (instream, outstream and OOH), Premium and Rich Media formats you will definitely create an impact on customers while telling your story. Our content targeting libraries will get you closer to customers in the same mindset as your brand.

Industry examples:
  • Fashion: display different videos (instream, outstream and OOH) of your large range of products based on the weather type at the customers location.
  • Travel: display ads with upcoming bookings or releases of offers based on the customers current weather or temperature.
  • Electronics: display videos with product feeds to maximize the effects of your products. Videos will always display up to date products with the correct price and stock info.
  • Real Estate: use native formats with a feed of available or upcoming objects together with personalised messages from brokers depending on the customers geographic location.

Drive to website

Not enough people finding they amazing products or services you offer through your website? With our Drive to Website solutions we are able to create a greater curiosity in order to get more customers in to your website.

The solution

ACM's Catalogs can help you sort and filter offers to match the current marketing fluctuations. Set up different offer which is shown on specific days and times with our Weekly content targeting library.

Industry examples:
  • Travel: display video ads with seasonal offers and tease about great vacation locations based on customers previous searches.
  • Electronics: online campaigns or sales can be promoted through our targeting libraries to suit your campaigns location or weekly schedule.
  • Real Estate: previous customers have increase their engagement with up to 200% by advertising on a local level with geo targeted real estate objects and broker offers.

Drive to store

Is the local stores struggling to get new walk-ins and spontaneous purchases? With ACM's Drive to Store solutions you are able to target customers at the right location at the right time, letting customers know that more options are available right in front of them!

The solution

ACM's vast range of standardised Rich Media ad formats will give the local stores greater visibility and the possibility to catch customers in their step. Encourage spontaneous purchases by showing them products or services available in the store right next to them with our content targeting libraries!

Industry examples:
  • Retail: use the Catalogs geo targeting options to show products, in stock, close to the customers location.
  • Automotive: display local offers about testing driving cars and upcoming weekend events through ACM’s weekly targeting library.
  • Food & Beverage: daily menus and speciality offers can be easily set up through the weekly library and changed immediately based on current stock.

Drive to purchases

Are people browsing but not buying? ACM's powerful content targeting and optimisation options can minimize the steps from interest to purchases and increase sales.

The solution

Keep your products up to date and close at hand with ACM's Catalogs which lets you geo-, behaviour-, retarget or context target single products/services, or whole categories, depending on current offers. Follow the market demands and always be one step ahead with our Optimizer!

Industry examples:
  • Retail: with ACM’s advanced retargeting schemes you can follow customers in a friendly way.
  • FMCG: base offers on customers current weather, temperature, geo location or language settings and foresee what they desire.
  • Jewellery: ACM’s audience library will let you target offers into difference segments and effects with up to 50% have been recorded!
  • Furniture: ACM’s catalogs contains a multitude of options, the Optimizer have help customers increase CTR by 70%!

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