Gather your advertising assets in once place for maximum connivance!

Sometimes you might need to change an image or text really quick in order to follow current market conditions or current offers. With ACM's Libraries it's possible since all you content is already available in ACM. You upload it once, then you can always use/copy/revert back to all available rows in a Library.

NDR Library

Through a partnership with Nordic Data Resources (NDR) we are able to offer demographic content targeting in ACM. Which means that content can be targeted towards selected audiences provided by NDR. The audience segments is completely free of private data and cookie ID's, they are based upon census data in a consumers surrounding neighborhood. Impressions and CTR can be followed up in the NDR statistics overview which shows the results in a heat map layout throughout the different segments. If you would like to know more about the different audiences NDR provides you can contact them directly.

Geographical Library

In ACM's Geo Library you can set content for different countries, county's or cities in the world. Only users located in that specific location will then see the uploaded content. That way you can set the same image but with different languages for example.

Media Library

In ACM's Media Library you can manage all creative assets based on size, quality and purpose. Upload content for current or later use and since all content is saved in your Media Library you can always revert back to old content.
In a later release you will be able to connect corporate Media Libraries directly through an API integration for easy access of your own material.

Weather Library

In the Weather Library you can target content to any of the 28 different weather types available in ACM. The Library uses weather API to get the local forecast for the user. This way only users with a specific weather type at their location will see uploaded content.

Temperature Library

In the Temperature Library you can target content to any of the 91 temperature types available in ACM. The library uses weather API to get the local forecast for the user. This way only users with a specific temperature or temperature range will see uploaded content.

Weekly Library

In the Weekly Library you can target content based on Weekday and Time of day. For example, display weekend offers during Friday afternoons or lunch offerings during weekdays between 10-14.

Language Library

In the Language Library you can target content based on the user's language settings. For example a frenchman whose phone is set to the French language will see content in French even if he/she is traveling through Germany at the moment. I.e. the content is selected based on the language settings rather than the location of the user (as the Geography Library does).