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Catalogs makes it easy to personalize dynamic content

In ACM's Catalog, users can integrated a product feed for use in campaigns within seconds! ACM supports multiple feed structures and extensions. Catalogs enables the advertiser to act upon their current offers based upon market conditions and real time performance.

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Target content using ACM's Libraries

ACM's Libraries allows the user to target content on any display- or video ad created in ACM. At the moment ACM provide targeting libraries for consumers geo position, their temperature, their weather type, device language setting and also what day/time of the week it is. ACM also provides a segment targeted library from NDR which is free to use! Last by not least is the Media library which can store content which is used often for easy access and updates.

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of selected ad formats

iGaming solutions included

ACM provides iGaming solutions true to their word of engaging already existing and new potential customers. Create a unique service for your sports content which supports all major European operators.

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Adsscore is so much more than just a statistics tool

With Adsscore you can get real time insight on how your ads and/or campaigns perform. Use the insight to increase your performance based on geo, time and weather for example. For feed based ads you can view CTR and impressions per item!

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More than 40+ beautiful ad formats included in ACM

ACM supports all types of content such as images, text and video. In our 30+ display formats and 10+ video formats (instream, outstream and OOH) the possibilities is almost endless when setting them up our Live Editor.

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