ACM's feed integration is simple and fast!

With ACM's feed Catalogs you can integrate your data feed directly into ACM for easy access, supporting CSV, XML- or JSON feeds. Feed structures with support for direct implementation right now are Sportsbook, Products, Jobs, Real Estate, Hotels & Destinations. More structures will be added as more businesses start to use ACM.

Personalising dynamic content

You can set targeting upon objects or whole categories in your catalogs, targeting such as Geo, Context, Retargeting & Behavioural. You can also change priority on objects by using something we call Priority Points. Personalising your dynamic content is easy and can increase your performance if you act upon current statistics and market conditions.

Filter your feed for each campaign

When a catalog is connected to a campaign you can filter the feed directly in the campaign. Set priority and filters in order to quickly sort objects in the feed, which then is visible through the ad itself.