Nothing makes us smile like reading an article on The Drum that predicts 4 out of 5 key trends to be on point with what we, at Adssets, have been developing for the past 5 years!

It’s quite clear why these topics are trending. Consumers and tech giants are taking personal integrity to the next (right) level. Most leading publishers have always had a strict focus on user experience and have worked a lot, in the last 3-4 years, with content sponsorships and integrated advertising experience.

Advertisers are now given the ability to use content written by journalists and adapt their messaging as the ad loads in a specific article, through contextual personalization. This trend is very scalable as Publishers already use advanced tagging-tools to give insight into what the article is about.

Image shows a man with a target on his back representing Adssets through on one advertising trend for 2021, contextual personalization.

What can you expect from Contextual Personalization?

During 2018, we rolled out our first machine learning platform enabling automatic mapping of keywords to feeds. The data segmentation from Publishers was very weak, but we could see a 5-7% uplift. This was for a Sportsbook and a couple of 100m imps.

During the summer of 2020, we did the same thing for eCommerce in direct competition with Google Shopping. The tagging worked perfectly and we ran with 300 000 products from 3 different eCommerce catalogs. The result was staggering, 2-3 times better than Google Shopping!

Customized to you

Personalized Video and Display ads are also seeing the light of day. Using simple ways to customize text, images and video clips, we have seen uplifts of 10-20% in the ads that are personalized. 

Image shows a single red tulip among yellow telips representing Adssets through on one advertising trend for 2021, personalization.

Radical change of design

Based on the stats, at Adssets we strongly believe that ads must stand out from the crowd in order to be worthy of someone’s time. That’s why we have always developed ad formats that are cutting edge, innovative and utilizing a device’s true capabilities. During 2021 we will see new 5G powered ads for mobile using more bandwidth and creativity than ever seen before.

Right here, right now

Events that were previously held physically are continuing to be brought online, therefore we will also see more of live streaming ads. Organizations are ramping up internal video capabilities to drive awareness and at the same time attract new audiences by bringing events live and visible to everyone.

Image shows a person recording a concert via their mobile phone which representing Adssets through on one advertising trend for 2021, live streaming ads.

In the end, consumers wish to experience a beautiful ad freshly created specifically for that occasion. For that given location, weather type, time of day, trending product or article in all various combinations. As the ACM platform already has these capabilities available we are ready to take on 2021 head first!