General release of Billing!

By January 11, 2024 No Comments

We are today releasing financial tracking inside ACM. All users that have the role of Admin will be able to access billing records.

All records from January 1st of 2024 will be applying the billing data for easy monitoring. Invoices will now reference Billing for details, and we encourage clients to include relevant information in the campaign name for reference matching. Feel free and leave feedback about this feature via the chat, let us know how we can further improve the reporting!

Quick guide

Go to “Company admin -> Billing”, if Billing is not listed within Company admin page, you are missing the Admin privileges. Get in touch with us in case anything is unclear.


In the “Pricing” tab you will be able to see your pricing, any Consultancy services and special packages will also be found here.


In the “Costs” tab you will be able to see your cost for the current month. In the top right section, you can adjust the view to see previous months, as well as exporting month-based data in a CSV format.