Our new demo page is now released!

Finally, we have released our new demo page on your account so you can test and view your display banners in a new beautiful view.

Try the new features on our demo page!

In ACM have we now launched the new “Demo page” and features that make it easier for viewers to see and swap between different options to test their ads.
(i)  Change the view to different platforms such as Desktop, Mobile, or No device.
(ii) Swap easily to your mobile if you use the QR code or send a shared link via mail or SMS.
(iii) Quick swap to see how the banner works with or without Subload / Polite load

Click on the link below and see the live edition of the new DEMO PAGE

Additional updates

We added new Standard Templates in ACM:

  • Real Estate Slider
  • Odds Comparison

We have also updated some features and new functions ACM:

  • Notification if your feed has some issues you get a mail notification
  • Media Library connection when uploading a feed in the catalog
  • In the catalog, you see all category data aggregated impressions and clicks