Combining 1st party data with real-time 3rd party data is a great combination to enhance brand awareness as well as the conversion rate on your website.

“Remarketing gives you a chance to reach out to customers who have previously visited your website with banner ads.”

When a customer visits your site, they are tagged with a special cookie. This cookie allows you to advertise to them online. This means you get another chance to convert them into a sale!

With remarketing you’ll be able to establish brand awareness in the early stage and become the authority on your product. It will also help you to regain visitors by showing them advertisements in other places such as news website, blogs and article. Remarketing ads allow you to create custom messages which attract visitors to revisit your website and complete a purchase.

How many times your potential customers see your ad is very important when they are ready to purchase. If people are coming back to your site for a second, third or fourth time are more likely to buy. That’s because they have already seen your websites and are already more familiar with your products or services.


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

“The best way would be to use a consumer-friendly approach.”

In today’s world where we can have a better understanding of the consumer’s behaviour and loyalty, it’s easier to target and communicate with your potential clients. For example, for a travel agency that is selling corporate travels is trying to offer flights, hotels, insurance, rental cars, easy check-ins and more.

As a seasoned traveller myself I would appreciate being constantly informed about important things. The direct flights to my destination, events at the location, any disturbances and airport information. Also, any other activity that is relevant for any country I would plan to visit.


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Instead of telling your visitors to “Book Now” or else, leverage remarketing. Use it to capture warm leads and get a chance to convert the undecided. There are several ways to do remarketing, whether through Google, Social Media Networks, Email booking reminders or through other Remarketing technologies. 

Using Google AdWords remarketing is the first step. It can likely be done without any changes to your website. Offering social media sharing widgets is worth doing since it costs nothing. Many visitors prefer to share with friends and social connections. Employing email remarketing technology is effective because email is still the highest converting marketing channel for travel.

Consider deploying all three travel remarketing techniques to get your message repeated on search, social, and email. Booking travel is oftentimes a major decision for consumers. Re-marketing is an essential way to sell your hotel, tour, travel agency, or vacation activity after visitors leave your site.

“The key is to make it interesting, re-target me with interesting information, even if you might not win me over at least I will remember you!”

Premium publishers will most likely ban the retargeting if you can’t prove the value of your brand to the audience. So start investing in technology that lets you manage dynamic content in a flexible way that will keep the audience intrigued!

How would you use remarketing in your strategy? Share your comment, let’s start the conversation!