Advertising Content Manager

Transform your first party content into beautiful and effective cross screen ads.

Create campaigns from your content using powerful tools to manage imports dynamically and/or manually. Adssets advanced machine learning will score your feed and adapt your scoring using signals such as geo, weather, retargeting, time, stock (low/high) and more to prioritize what the user sees within your ads..

Adssets provides you with full support for Facebook and Instagram as well as patented rich media cross screen ad formats, such as the Transformer.

Our solutions are technology agnostic and integrated with all major DSPs.

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Adsscore Reporting

Experience a brand new way of looking at campaign results.

From its genesis to the 2.0 modernization, Adsscore has evolved from statistics provider into trusted Advisor. Results are highlighted by a minimal quantity of data displayed but a maximum quantity of relevant information. A highly user-friendly environment enables campaign follow-up and ad optimization without delay.

  • View and search ads by name, ID, tags or industry
  • View demo of any displayed ad
  • View total impressions, engaging impressions and CTR for any displayed ad
  • Group ads together for aggregated results
  • Compare performance to other ads within the same industry
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