Native ad formats are currently generating good results for many publishers, agencies and brands around the world. Adsself, our do-it-yourself-studio, saw the best results to date in May largely due to Native impressions and we expect even bigger returns going forward. The formats are proving to be highly successful tools for brand building while also being able of great ROI.
There are several ways to design Native ads in order to maximise potential ROI. A starting point is to ensure that the ad works well within the overall layout of the page upon which it is displayed, although it should be noted that for optimum results it has to be obvious that it is, in fact, an ad. A user who clicks on an ad expecting a non-commercial article may take against the advertising brand. Optimization can also be made through the wording around the ad (for example, “Published by (brand, logo)” has in cases yielded better results than “Sponsored by (brand, logo)”), the wording within the ad and the graphical design of the ad itself.
However, our stats show that there is another significant change one can make to a Native ad campaign to increase ROI even further: Randomization.
The strategy can work for you in a number of different ways. For example, you can do A-B testing – i.e. create several ads for the same campaign, run them a given amount of time randomly, follow up through Adsscore and select the most successful – or simply have them all constantly rotating randomly. You can also randomize where they appear on the website in question. Whatever your preference, ROI tends to go up.
Randomizing has proven particularly successful when the Native ads are shown on news sites. “Visitors are used to seeing fresh, new content every time they visit the news site”, says Adssets CEO Rickard Ebersjö. “Ads have to fit into that.”
Native ad formats clearly have outstanding potential for brilliant campaigns, creative excellence and high ROI. From our experience, randomizing your ads makes reaching that potential more likely. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much randomness about it.
Try it out for yourself. We are confident your ROI will improve.