Adsself, the do-it-yourself solution from Adssets, has been growing stronger ever since it was introduced in January 2015. The platform, which allows users to very easily create their own amazing ads, reached its top score in May with 220 million impressions across 953 ads.
The fact that Adsself is yielding great results is good news for Adssets but also for users, particularly those with an idea of what their ads should look like. By taking advantage of the platform’s potential and the power over the process that it provides, both time and money can be saved. For anyone in need of assistance, be it with ad creation within or outside Adsself or anything else, the always quick-to-reply Adssets team is ready and happy to help.

So how does Adsself work?

The user starts by logging in and selecting one of the numerous innovative ad formats. Among those available are the popular Spincube, Transformer and Velvet Drop, as well as the top impression scorer in May, Native. After a selection has been made, the user proceeds to upload the image, images or text needed and creates the ad with a simple click. Once finished, the ad can be altered any number of times completely free of charge. The changes, which can also be made while the ad is up and running, are implemented immediately after saving, giving the user complete control.
Adsself also allows for very easy performance tracking. Statistics such as impressions, engagement, CTR, devices used and even end-user local weather are provided in real time via a link to Adsscore, ensuring both general and very specific evaluation metrics.
Since payment for Adsself is based on the number of impressions achieved past an individually set threshold, it provides an excellent opportunity to try out any number of ads in different formats or do trial runs for optimization and maximum ROI.

Interested in a free demo run? Contact us at Adssets and we’ll get you started today!