Video is the next big thing

Video is taking over the digital world, it’s obvious. But the speed at which video marketing is growing and evolving is not clear and obvious as it needs to be. In this article, we are going to discuss and make it clear why video is so hyped.

People are exposing themselves to huge volumes of text online. Consumers stare at small portable screens directly in front of their faces for hours throughout a day. They drift into their own little world and zone-out when they are engaged with their smart-phone — completely ignoring what is going on around them. This is the part where advertisers can take advantage. Here is the place where video can catch peoples attention.

Everyone is constantly on the hunt to find new approaches to get in front of people’s faces. The way you conceptualise, create and disseminate your digital content or ads will have a significant impact on your marketing ROI now and in the future.

On all different types of websites – from social platforms to news portals, to company pages – digital advertisers are employing an astounding amount of video content for their voracious audience to consume at will. But why? Is it just a trend or real need?

Image shows a mobile phone in video-mode on a tripod. Image is referring to why video is so hyped based on it being such an accessible medium through everyone's mobile phone nowadays.

Let’s present some facts about video content and advertising.

1. The human brain has the ability to process video content 60k times faster than it can text.
2. Research shows that nearly 80% of internet traffic will be conducted by videos.
3. In Social media, everything is about engaging with your audience. Video ads are the best way to do that.
4. Nearly 52% of marketing professionals around the world agree that video offers the best ROI.
5. Statistics show that you can boost your odds of getting your website on that front page by adding videos to your site by 50 times.
6. The average amount of video views per day on Facebook went from 4 billion to 8 billion in the last 3 years.
7. 70% of B2B marketers report that video is the most effective medium when it comes to driving conversions.
8. Companies that do actually use video will experience a 19% lower average cost per marketing-generated lead.
9. Over the next years, 95% of B2B companies plan to incorporate video into their content marketing strategies.
10. 3/4 of executives watch work-related videos once a week at minimum, and then, once the video is over, 65% of those executives will visit the marketer’s website.

Organizations have caught on to the fact that high-quality video ads have the ability to engage users on a deep and substantial level. Video has become a natural part of the web browsing experience. Advertisers can use it to quickly engage with their audience as if it was content they had sought out specifically.

Well-designed logos and high-quality banner ads can be very effective in spurring interest, but video ads offer organisations an opportunity to connect on a deeper level right from the outset.
Digital video advertising is a strategy that can work for any type of company; B2B or B2C, enterprise or SMB, high-tech or analogue products.