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New WebGL ad format for desktop called Velvet Drop

By May 23, 2019 No Comments

We have released the Velvet Drop, a new ad format in ACM. It’s a desktop take-over format that drops an image down like a curtain over the site, with the help of WebGL. Upon hover over the image, a light will follow mouse movements. The image/ad can be closed down manually or users can wait until the image drops to the bottom of the site and disappear itself.

WebGL is a Javascript-API that can render high-quality 3D graphics within any compatible web browser with any plugins or external programs. It’s currently a seldom-used technology at the moment we predict will take the world with full force within a couple of years. When devices and internet connections are even more powerful than today.

Velvet Drop, the new ad format is now available in ACM on the ad format selection page for non-feed campaigns.

Image shows example of a the new ad format in ACM called Velvet Drop on a desktop site.

Velvet Drop

Velvet Drop is a WebGL format that expands downwards over a site in the style of a flowing curtain as the consumer enters. Upon click on the image the user can be sent to an external link added in the template. After a set amount of time, the format detaches from the top, drops down over the site and disappears. The ad format will need to be tested on the target site to reassure it works flawlessly.