VAST video L-shaped ad template for left corner
We have released two new ad templates for VAST videos in ACM!
The template plays a VAST video whilst also display an image. These templates are called L-Shape because of how the video can be placed in one of the two top corners and then uses an image that wraps around the video. This way an image can enhance the video message in an ad space otherwise not meant for images.

The ad template comes in two versions, either with the video in the left top corner or the right top corner. The image specification will of course be different for the two versions and can be found in the ad format links either on Adssets website or in ACM. We usually recommend the video to be in 16:9, mp4-format and maximum 10MB or 20-30 seconds long.

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is the standard in video ad serving technology and widely used by publishers, ad networks and DOOH displays. ACM provides a lot of other VAST video ad templates, designed to enhance the video message.  There are also VAST video ad templates designed to suit ads using a Catalog. You’ll find them all in ACM or in our ad formats section.