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Support for behavioural targeting and other targeting updates

By July 11, 2019 No Comments

We are now adding support for you to integrate your own behavioural targeting data directly into ACM and use it to optimise the content of your feed ads. Using the behavioural data of your users or customers is a great way to make ad content more relevant and it opens up many exciting possibilities to create more advanced targeting solutions. 

Using behavioural targeting in ACM works in the same way as our other targeting types. You connect your behavioural segments directly to items or categories in your catalog and have full control of the prioritisation. It’s simple, quick and intuitive! ACM catalogs gives you a great overview of your feed data, targeting settings and prioritisation in one place.

If you are interested in adding your behavioural data to ACM please contact us directly via email or through the chat in ACM.

Targeting scenarios

We regularly build advanced custom targeting scenarios for our customers. It can for example be retargeting scenarios with multiple layers of data and product optimisation. We are now making it easier for customers that have these targeting scenarios to select and apply them directly when creating a new catalog.

Default targeting points

To make it easier and more user friendly to set up targeting and manage the priority for each targeting type, we are introducing changes across the system. Customers are now able to control the default priority points for each targeting type for all their advertiser in an all new administration panel. You can now also select which targeting types you want to include when creating new catalog or campaign.

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