In a VAST world and where players work differently, we have accepted that the only way is to be smart in rendering. VAST provides a protocol that enables ad servers to use a single ad response format across multiple publishers or video players.

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is the standard in video ad serving technology. This template is used by publishers, ad networks and DOOH displays. It’s a screenplay that gives video players information about which ad to play. Then, how the ad should be shown up, how long should last, and whether users are able to skip it.


Video experience is best when it’s personal!

“The idea behind VAST is to avoid forcing a publisher to change its video stack just to use different ad servers,” said Eric Boyd, director of product at JW Player, who want to explain why using personalised ad formats matters.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to display different ads and call-to-action for different types of visitors? Essentially making your visitors feel like that the ad speaks their language?

This is where VAST Video ads personalisation comes into play. It lets you target different content or video ads to different types or groups of visitors based on their behaviour or other factors.

It can be applied by looking at the data that is available to you about your customers. Things like location, weather, contextual keywords on the page, ads they clicked on, whether they’ve been on the site before and also things like purchasing history. Next, it compares that against a set of variables that you have put in place.

Then you are on the way to personalise your video ad with available data in minutes.


VAST Video formats in ACM

We have added support for VAST video in ACM. Our formats can be used in all environments allowing third-party VAST Ad Serving. Adssets is also a Google AdExchange Certified External Vendor for VAST video and partner to SmartClip/SpotX amount others.

We have released five VAST video formats in ACM ranging from simple videos to more complex solutions that add images and text to the video or external feed data.

ACM can create and serve a multitude of videos in minutes. For a specific campaign, we are creating unique videos in up to 4 sizes (1920×1080, 1280×720, 1024×576 and 768×432) for all cities in a country, the user personalises the video using the ACM GEO library. By pressing the button 100’s of processors will be on 100% for a couple of minutes to create all videos.

This can also be achieved with changing parameters such as weather and content feeds. Then the videos will be automatically processed and be served in a 5 min interval.

The user and the audience get a perfect video experience, personalised and created in seconds!