DMP – the oil in advertising

What is the oil for in display advertising? After you segmented all your data in the DMP and only use it for targeting your audience, you are doing it wrong! You should, in fact, personalise the content of the ad in such a detail way, that the end user seeing the ad understands the value. Then you use it right.

Remember that targeting is less than 50% of the effect of display advertising, so why spend most of your time talking about advanced targeting criteria? You should spend your time on advanced personalisation and personalisation scenarios!

DMP for personalisation

Independent of you being a travel agency or eCommerce site you have a full picture of your clients. When you know your client you know what to offer them. And that is how you segment your DMP, preferably. These segmentations should play a major role in what content you roll out to your audience in your advertisement, as well as, how you formulate the ad.

A company buying tons of products from you, do they really care about price? They likely have a corporate agreement, so how do you personalise that?

Personalisation scenarios

A scenario is when you combinations of DMP segments with a multitude of graphical elements in an automatic way!
The content you have available or created can be paired with your fed content and then selected based on the segments from your DMP.

An example scenario can be:

  • Objective, last-minute sales before summer trips
  • Available segments, Men, Women, corporate, private, packed trips, flights and hotels.
  • Material, headlines, content from articles, destination images, destination clips, packaged feeds, destination feed and hotel feeds.
  1. The solution, connect all the content sources into ACM Libraries and ACM Catalogs.
  2. Pair all data with correct DMP segments
  3. Create the ad
  4. Follow the statistics and change accordingly


  • Learn how your data works
  • More content is better than one or two awesome ones, just because you have a wide variety of buyers
  • Never stop learning
  • Retargeting is not the only way to get a person

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