Libraries are available as beta!

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We are now adding support for you to personalize every ad from VAST to Native!

  • What is personalization?
    The ability to include 3rd party data into creating a unique experience of the ad.
  • Why should I use it?
    Personalized ads see a remarkable difference in results, early examples show that personalized videos give a minimum of 30% higher effect!
  • What is the cost?
    Libraries and all functions in them are free to use and adds no extra cost!
  • What comes first and what will come in the future?
    The first Library that are released today is Geo Library. Later in the fall Weather, Behavioral and couple of other nifty libraries are released.
  • How do I get started?
    If you would like to try it out please contact us through our chat, it takes you 5-10 min to get up top speed. At the end of August you will be invited for trainings, bring your questions!


GEO Library

The Library enables you to design a unique experience per Geo location. It’s based on two capabilities.

  1. Upload images and texts per geo location and use those in your videos, rich media ads and native ads. Each element will be used for the corresponding location.
  2. Use the location in your creative text by inserting a Macro in the ad. This way the ad will display the user’s current location in it’s video, rich media ad or native ad.


There is one built in limitation for VAST ads. As we burn a unique video per geolocation we have limit the number of videos to 50. Please contact our chat if that is a problem for your campaign.

We have done campaigns with 2800 unique combinations without problems but those volumes we need to monitor.

Where do I find the Library?

How do I add elements to my ad?

How do I use the Library in my ads?

How do I insert a geo name in my ad?

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