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Hover Image and Video Preview released

By November 2, 2018 No Comments

Hover Image and Video Preview are our latest addition of ad formats to ACM. Hover image follows the scroll movement of consumers. A parallax effect gives the ad image a hovering effect on the site upon scroll.

Video Preview is a video format that only plays a shorter version of the uploaded video to draw interest enough for users to click on the play button. The preview section of the video can be uploaded separately. Or it can be a selection from the main video based on a specified start and end time. Upon click on the play button, the video can be played in fullscreen if chosen in the template.
The image shown alongside the preview can be disabled so the entire ad space is occupied by the video preview.

Both formats are now available on the ad format selection page for non-feed campaigns.


Image shows generic example of the newly released Hover Image ad format.

Hover Image

The Hover Image is a Rich Media format that makes an image appear to be hovering above the content of a site. The image can be moved around by using the mobile’s/tablet’s gyro. The image can be moved also by scrolling up/down on desktops. External link upon click.

Image shows generic example of the newly released Video Preview ad format.

Video Preview

Video Preview is an outstream video format. This format plays a short preview video, without audio, of a full video before interaction. As the consumer clicks on the play symbol, the full video plays with audio. Optionally an image can be added to fill the rest of the ad space that is not covered by the video. For a full list of all the features of our new outstream video player see our news about it called “New versions of our outstream video formats”.