Adssets is Simply Engaging.

One of the most innovative Rich Media mobile solution providers on the market is strengthening its brand and positioning. Founded by a highly experienced management team in 2009, the company has become a preferred supplier to some of the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers. The new profile reflects a desire to focus on the qualities that separate Adssets from its competitors while repositioning in the context of the competitive environment.

An updated tagline, logo and website showcase the company’s strengthened profile and the Simply Engaging concept. The new strategy captures the company’s mission: to maximize time spent between brand and consumer while delivering world-class quality solutions that work flawlessly, quickly and simply on any device.

“Our tagline, logo and website are important indicators of who we are and what we stand for”, says Adssets CEO Rickard Ebersjö. “Simply Engaging is a way to strengthen and modernize our position and communicate our core values to the market. We deliver absolute world-class Rich Media mobile solutions that are exceedingly engaging, quite simply.”
Simply Engaging also brings with it a concerted effort to offer highly advanced solutions that remain easy to use. Removing technical barriers enables the client to focus on what it does best, ensuring brilliant campaigns, creative excellence and maximum ROI.

“We make ground-breaking technical innovations easy to access. Our patented Transformer format, for example, is very technically complicated, yet very easy for the client to use”, CTO Lars-Erik Sellin points out. “It’s true engineering art to create the most advanced ad solutions on the market, but simultaneously the easiest to implement one’s creatives into.”