Halo: the first 3D ad format for programmatic use

Halo is the first true 3D ad format that can be used in both direct and programmatic channels. 3D ads are no longer an expensive, custom production – anyone with an Advertising Content Management (ACM) account is now able to create one!

Making 3D available for everyone

Adssets have created a 3D ad format called Halo, which could be created by anyone and used in any marketing channel. The Halo ad format allows ACM users to create a 3D ad with the help of ordinary, easy-to-produce 2D images. What’s more, by following Halo’s simple guidelines, ACM clients can show off their content in a new way – anywhere!

3D ads have up to now been a unique occurrence for which only a handful of clients have had the ability to provide the correct material, and there have been a limited number of channels they could be seen in. But with this new ad format being released, and a whole series of 3D ad formats following it up, Adssets is revolutionizing the ad market once again.

“High value for their money”

Adssets CEO, Rickard Ebersjö is excited to give more brands the opportunity to shine and draw attention to themselves no matter the size of the company. ‘Halo is a one-of-a-kind ad format which suits every type of client, no matter what your KPI is. With the creative assets required being so straightforward, clients will certainly be given high value for their money! So, say goodbye to the limits of html5 and hello to the opportunities of WebGL.’ – Rickard Ebersjö states.

The tech behind it

By primarily using WebGL rather than HTML 5 Adssets were able to create a 3D version out of their famous ‘Spincube’ ad format. The ACM platform mathematically calculates the curves of flat uploaded images. Then ad creators can just adjust the light options and ‘play around’ with the space within the ad to create a unique end-consumer experience.

The Halo ad format is the first of its kind on the open market. As the 5G network (and smart-phones being compatible with the 5G network) are becoming more common, Adssets are certain that these types of ads will become more of a standard than an exception. 

Already available in ACM

The Halo ad format is already available to all ACM users. Anyone curious about how Halo works or our Advertising Content Management (ACM) platform, is welcome to contact Adssets CEO, Rickard Ebersjö, +46-70 374 42 80. For examples of the Halo ad format click here.

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