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Support for black/white icons – New “Icon Color” elements

By December 12, 2018 No Comments

We’ve introduced support for black and white icons for a selected group of ad formats in ACM.

Some of our ad formats using interaction icons now have the choice between a black or white background/shape. This added option is the result of improvements developed out of client requests.

This way you can make sure the interaction icon stands out from the ad material and are visible to the consumer. The choice of color is up to you when creating a new ad from any of the supported ad formats. The colors are restricted to white and black in order to keep it consistent and true to the ACM brand. A multicolored choice for interaction icons is not planned any time soon.

Optimal use cases would be a black icon for a lighter background and a white icon for a darker background.

Please contact us for custom productions if you want to alter any of the icons, provide your own icons for any of the ad formats or have questions about the added support for black and white icons in ACM.

Supported ad formats in ACM right now are:

Image shows examples of how the new support for black and white icons look against different backgrounds.