Roundabout is a new, more dynamic ad format which can be used to highlight products together with company branding!

The elements in the ad format are dynamic in the sense that they can be toggled on and off and the remaining elements will adapt accordingly. By doing so you can customize the layout to make it suit your brand better.

Most content in the ad will come from a data feed which is setup using the ACM Catalog function. The feed can be filtered and prioritized to suit your current ad campaign. You are also able to choose currency if none is provided by the feed.

Upload branding images which will be shown alongside with the feed content. Choose a frequency for how often these branding images should be shown.

So, customize the layout, items on display, fonts, colors and show off an extraordinary ad to your clients!


If you are an existing ACM client the new ad format can be found in campaigns connected to a Catalog, under ‘Create new ad’.

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