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New versions of our outstream video formats

By May 14, 2018 No Comments

Today we are releasing the new updated version of our “DisplayView Video” outstream video format in ACM. It’s the first of two new updated outstream formats that we are adding. With a completely new video player, a simple way to build and update the ads. It’s a very versatile product and we hope that you will find these new ACM formats very useful. The second format is “Video Preview” and it will be added at a later time. Below you find a detailed description of each format, info about the new video player and new features.

Updated video technology – up to 40% faster!

The technology to view videos on mobile devices has evolved and so is the way videos are shown in ads. With better compression and wider native inline play support our new outstream formats have up to 40% better load time, make use of hardware acceleration in available devices, have up to 50% less impact on CPU usage and better quality/size ratio versus the previous video formats. All in all, enormous improvements!

New features

  • Supports video in any aspect ratio and will automatically adjust the size of the optional image depending on video size.
  • Options to show a video progress bar, hide the equaliser icon for videos without sound and selecting image position.
  • Fallback slide show on devices that don’t allow autoplay of videos. Clicking on the play button on the slide show will start the video.
  • Full Apple video support, respects iOS battery save mode and will not autoplay video if battery save mode is activated.

DisplayView Video
The DisplayView Video format auto-plays a video, without audio, within the ad space. The consumer can switch the audio on and off again by clicking the equalizer symbol in the bottom right corner. Optionally an image can be added to fill the rest of the ad space that is not covered by the video.

Video Preview
Video Preview is a video format that plays a short preview video, without audio, of a full video before interaction. As the consumer clicks on the play symbol, the full video plays in with audio. Optionally an image can be added to fill the rest of the ad space that is not covered by the video.

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