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New standard ad formats added

By April 26, 2018 No Comments

We are now adding some of our standard ad formats to ACM for all customers. The formats added in this update are some of our most frequently used and most requested display formats. For those of you who have used our Adsself tool, you will probably recognize some of them, but we have also added some new ones. Below you will find a short description of each ad format and you can test them out by building one yourself in ACM. All formats are now available on the ad format selection page in non-feed campaigns.


Spincube is a Rich Media format that displays images from a gallery in the shape of a 3D cube. The cube rotates and displays a new image as the consumer swipes and/or clicks on arrows.


The Slider format encourages the consumer to swipe and/or click on arrows to switch between images in a media gallery.

Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards is a format that stacks images on top of one another. The consumer can switch between images by swiping and/or clicking arrows on the stack.

Transformer Carousel

Transformer Carousel is a responsive 3D format that rearranges itself to fit into any ad space. The consumer can switch between the images by swiping and/or clicking on arrows. The same script tag can be used for all devices. In ACM it’s easy to create multiple tags for fixed format ad spaces.


Flipboard is a Rich Media format that encourages consumers to swipe over and/or click on arrows to flip between images as if they were reading a book.


Scratch is a format that encourages the consumer to scratch the surface of an image to reveal another one underneath.

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