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New Sportsbook dynamic content page

By May 14, 2019 No Comments

We are now updating our sportsbook catalog interface to use the same new dynamic content page as we have for our E-commerce, Travel, Job or Real Estate catalogs. The selection of sports and leagues are now easier and more user-friendly, at the same time the new preview window gives you better and faster overview of the games that will be included in your ads.

In the new “Dynamic Content” page you browse the sports and leagues selected for the campaign and set priority points for the teams. This is also the place where you set the number of days ahead that you want to look for games and set the default sorting order to “priority points” or “date” when the games are played. On the right panel you have a live preview of the order in which the games will be sent to your ads. When changing priority points the preview will automatically be updated to reflect the changes.

These changes are now live and are available for all sportsbook clients in new and old campaigns using a catalog.

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