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New ad format: Mobile Video Page Splitter

By September 30, 2019 No Comments

We have released a new video ad format for mobile in ACM called Mobile Video Page Splitter. The ad format makes it possible to play both horizontal and vertical videos in a mobile ad space. Besides the video, it’s also possible to upload an overlaying image. The image will be placed on top of the video so a see-through background is to prefer.

The ad creator can choose to not play any sound at all, or give consumers the choice to start the sound by clicking on an icon in the ad.

The Mobile Video Page Splitter is now available for all users in ACM.

Image shows example of the new ad format Mobile Video Page Splitter.

Mobile Video Page Splitter is a format that “splits a site in half” and expands a full screen, silent, video as the consumer navigates downward. The sound can be switched on by pressing the sound icon. If the consumer continues scrolling downwards, the video disappears upwards. Consumers can close the ad down by clicking on the Close-button View example HERE

General material specification:
Video: there are no limitations in ACM regarding size and weight.
Foreground image (if desired): same as chosen ad size.

This ad format is not following iAB standards as it breaks out of the iframe.