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New ad format: Canvas

By September 26, 2019 No Comments

We have released Canvas, a new ad format in ACM that let you tell all sides of your story. Told in a full-screen experience of images, text and video.

Canvas is the perfect combination of telling a greater story without asking consumers to leave the site. Upon click, the ad expands to a full-screen and displays an initial image and text to catch the interest of the consumer. If interested, the consumer can swipe/click downwards to view a slider of images together with a new text of your choice. Swiping/clicking down to the last part of the experience reveals a video. A space that accepts both horizontal and vertical videos!

The new ad format is now available for all ACM users!

Image shows example of Canvas, a New ad format in ACM. In the pre-expand state and expanded state.

Canvas is a rich media ad format that expand more content upon interaction. An initial image is displayed before click, upon click an expansion is displayed in full screen. The expansion is divided into three sections, the first one showing off a large image. The next section displays a slider of images included text if desired. The last section displays a video preview, upon click the whole video will play in full-screen. The user can navigate between the sections by using the arrow-icons.

General Canvas specification:
Initial image: chosen ad size
Expanded image: 640x860px
Slider images: 320x262px
Video: there are no limitations in ACM regarding size and weight.