New Library: The Media Library!

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We have released our second library called the Media Library to ACM, which was built to speed up the process of creating ads and managing ad creatives. With the Media Library you can:

• Create reusable libraries of creatives for easy access:

Sometimes you might need to reuse images or texts for a new/similar campaign. Instead of searching for it on your computer and uploading it again each time, you can create a Media Library of reusable creatives that’s always at hand and super easy to switch between.

• Make updates in once place and all ads connected to the library will be updated as well:

Maybe you missed a to change the spelling of a text or removing an item in an image that is used in multiple campaigns. No worries, with the Media Library released to ACM, you only have to change once in the library for the change to be visible in all connect ads. No more days of updates!

• Create libraries supporting for example different languages or reoccurring offers:

Occasionally you might have a text or image that’s always the same in your campaigns, but you need it to be available in multiple languages for example. If you create a Media Library of languages you can easily connect the right language creatives to the corresponding ad each time without any hassle.

• Automate the management of creatives by using API’s:

Already got a large database of creatives in-house that you use on a daily basis? Not a problem for ACM! We have added the possibility to connect our Media Library to your own database with the help of API integration. When using the integration you can add/remove/change/update creatives directly to your own database. The changes will be reflected in ACM’s Media Library as well!


Image shows content added to the new Media Library.           Image shows preview of how the API settings menu looks.           Image shows overlay opening up when choosing content from a Media Library to an ad..

Click on the images to enlarge them.


Coming soon!

Get access to shared Media libraries in which we provide demo-material. The material can be used in order to test/showcase all of ACM’s standard ad formats.

We have created demo material for all ACM users to take part off in order to display standard ACM ad formats live! Sometimes you need to see how sometimes works before using it. That’s why we will provide you with the correct creatives from start. This shared demo library will be available soon, more info to come.

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