Social ad formats for direct and programmatic use

We have just released five social ad templates in ACM! They resemble ad formats found on popular social media platforms. Even though there are familiarities of the layout, these ads can be served both direct and programmatic, i.e. they are not locked to one platform.

By making all of these templates available at the same time, we have covered the most desirable cases:

  • For storytelling we recommend Chronicles.
  • For product placement we recommend Storefront or Faces.
  • For branding we recommend Moments or Embrace.

You can view examples of all the formats here.


In four out of the five ad formats you are able to upload either a video or image, making it even more versatile! To keep the look of the social ad formats consistent, most texts and colors are pre-set and not changeable unless it’s specifically asked for. The brand logo/name also requires a click link in order to keep the familiarities of how a platform-specific format would behave due to the separate brand-profile.

All the new social ad formats are compatible with our latest ACM feature Brand. Where you are able to pre-create unique brand identities which can be automatically applied when creating an ad.

For more information about each ad format, please click on the links below or try building one yourself in ACM.