With the enhanced Catalog selection feature, it’s now possible to select dynamic content in campaigns without a Catalog connection! Standard ad formats will from now on be able to select dynamic content from a Catalog in the same way it’s possible to select content from a Library. The first ad formats to support this new feature are Transformer Rich Image and Transformer Rich Video.

Text-content added from a Catalog is neatly fitted into the space it’s given. You can never know for sure how long or short a dynamic text from a Catalog is. That depends on the item for sale and the customer’s site configuration. But in ACM you are given the option on how to handle incoming text. For example; Truncate will fit as much text as it can into the ad format. If the text is too long it will be cut off with a ‘…’. Shrink will minimize the text size to fit the entire length of the text. Lastly. Skip will leave out the text entirely if it’s too long for the ad format (this option is valid in ad formats with more faces than one).

In the Rich Image ad format, images brought in from a Catalog are automatically fitted by width and height. This is the most optimal solution for the largest amount of ad sizes. All future ad formats will be able to handle both dynamic and static content. Previous ad formats (created before this update) will be converted as time goes.

If you’re eager for a specific ad format to use the enhanced Catalog selection feature sooner than planned, please contact us for more information.