Content targeting in VAST videos now available for all VAST templates in ACM.


Added VAST support

From today we’ve added content targeting support in our VAST videos ad formats. By using ACM‘s Libraries you can now target videos, images, texts, and click links in VAST videos. Why not display a new video for each targeted location, or show a different message to consumers based on their local weather. With the added support it’s now easier than ever to create personalized videos run programmatically!

Available content targeting

ACM’s libraries target content based on geolocation, weather, temperature, day of the week or time of the day. You can also use the audience segments provided by NDR. Change content in your VAST ads, without any targeting requirements, from the Media library when you want smooth and quick updates of videos, texts, images, or click links.

There are seven VAST ad formats available in ACM. VAST is a very straightforward ad format from start. But by adding the support for targeted content gives it the same look and feel as a VAPID video, which has more creative freedom from the start.

When creating personalized VAST videos there is a default limit of 50 different versions available for one ad at a time. If you need more versions of a video due to personalization, please contact us.