Data is oil in the advertising machine many people claim. In display advertising it’s the creatives that matter, that is what engages the audience! You want to always keep it fresh and relevant for the user.

Although there are many reasons why companies use data-driven marketing overall, its goal is to enhance and personalize the customer experience. It’s crucial that companies express the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

With Behavioural Targeting you will get a moving target, much larger to hit! With behavioural data, you can predict what the user wants to see and thus make the perfect creative!

What is Behavioural data?

Websites collect visitor data and track every single behavioural pattern on that page. It can include visited pages, the average and overall amount of time on a page, links that are clicked on, and searches that are interpreted. All of this collected data creates a “profile” of the visitor that links to their web browser. Based on this data, page visitors are put into an audience segment with specific measurable metrics.

In short, it’s an anonymous way to create a profile on you when browsing on a site(s). It can be as basic as you are reading an article on skiing, you are behaving in a way that puts you on #skiing #sports. It can also be more complex such as you open an article on men’s clothing but stay for only 2 sec, then open an article on men’s tailored shoes and men’s watches, keywords #man #high_income #fashion #urban

To tailor an ad creative for 100’s of scenarios requires a very smart system, good designers and brands that want to engage. What ACM (our Creative Manage Platform with DCO qualities) does is bringing all those elements and tools into one platform, so that you can create beautiful ads, with relevant data, for engaging brands within minutes.

By leveraging actual online user behaviour, we allow advertisers to deliver specifically behavioural targeted ads to consumers. It’s allowed through our easy-to-navigate platform. On-site behavioural targeting allows advertisers and publishers to display relevant content. Also, they can display recommended products and promotions to users who are visiting the site. On this way, the customer journey process is more effective and fast. Visitors are more willing to engage with the site, spend more time browsing, and convert to customers.


  • Learn what Behavioral data can be bought
  • Adopt your content into a feed that can utilize all behavioural data points
  • Tag your site accordingly
  • Re-targeting is not the only way to get personal!