Behavioural Targeting made easy for Premium Clients!

By November 21, 2019 No Comments

ACM has a new feature for Premium clients, which allows them to add their own Behavioural data. Their own customers can then use this data when setting up Behavioural Targeting in Catalogs.. This means that admins can add Behavioural data, according to a template, into ACM and then give advertisers access to selected behavioural segments. The Behavioural Targeting only works for data feeds (Catalogs) at the moment. In early 2020 we will also release Behavioural Targeting for Libraries.

Note that the first time a new customers wants to use this functionality, they need to contact us in order to set up a base template for their own Behavioural data. Then afterwards, they can continue to use the admin parts of Behavioural Targeting as they wish.

Advertisers who wish to use this, please contact your Publisher/Admin.

How to use this functionality in ACM:
  • Go to ‘Company admin’ (only visible if you’re an admin/publisher with advertiser responsibility) and click on ‘Targeting’ and then ‘Targeting Sources’.
  • Then choose for which advertiser you wish to upload Behavioural Segments. Either choose them individually or upload for ALL advertiser.
  • Upload Behavioural segments based on the template provided in ACM. Control how the segments are used by activating/deactivating them, renaming, removing or download them.
  • Catalogues owned by a ‘trusted’ advertiser will have access to the uploaded Behavioural Segments.

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