ADSSETS, one of the most innovative Rich Media ad solutions providers on the market, have patented their revolutionary Transformer format. The ground-breaking solution is based on a highly advanced mathematical algorithm that ensures an ad that adapts to its surroundings without the need for creative material change. It marks the world’s first true cross-screen solution and the start of a new era in online advertising flexibility.

Cross-screen campaigns have significant potential, particularly for storytelling, but have historically been troublesome because of creative material limitations. Set sizes for specific devices mean either a large number of creatives to ensure functionality on all devices or suboptimal ad solutions as one creative size is crowbarred or stretched to match others. With Adssets’ patented Transformer format, the world’s first true cross-screen solution, these issues are now officially a thing of the past.
The ground-breaking format, based on a highly advanced mathematical algorithm, adapts to its surroundings, transforming the ad to fit any device without need for creative material change. It also automatically reconfigures to either click or swipe depending on the screen, making it a uniquely responsive format.
“The Transformer was specifically crafted with the creative designer in mind and to mark the next step in adaptability”, says Adssets CTO Lars-Erik Sellin. “It’s an evolution of the extremely popular three dimensional Spincube that we invented four years ago. The Transformer behaves like a Spincube in its minimal format and then expands horizontally or vertically, depending on the ad space, into a 3D carousel of arbitrary geometrical structures, i.e. hexagon, pentagon, octagon and so forth.”
Perhaps the true genius of the format is how advanced it is, yet how simple it remains to use. The client only has to create one set of base images in a studio such as Photoshop then upload them into the format. The Transformer itself does the rest.
“It is a perfect format for anyone looking to create large campaigns across multiple publishers and media with the same branded message. It offers completely flexible programmatic storytelling and the possibility to bid on any creative material size for mobile, tablet, desktop or combination thereof.”
In other words, the Transformer format means that the days of high quantity, low quality ads are coming to a close. Welcome to a new, high quality era of Rich Media advertising solutions on any screen.

The Transformer is available via Adsself and custom productions, via direct or programmatic sales. To learn more, please contact Adssets at