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Rich Video and Product Slider released

By February 1, 2019 No Comments

Rich Video and Product Slider are our latest addition to the standard formats in ACM. Both templates are now available on the ad format selection page in non-feed campaigns.

Rich Video

Rich Video is an in banner video format using our display video player technology used in other ACM video formats. The difference between Rich Video and formats like DisplayView Video and Video Preview is that you place a video in the background that covers the whole ad space and then add a layer of text and logo on top of the video. The format has a header, sub-header, CTA button and footer text areas, all of which are optional. The video auto-plays without sound and loops. Sound can be toggled on/off. External link up on click.

This feature will get additional features like video cropping, auto selection of quality based on a network connection, image overlays and subtitles in future updates.

Product Slider

Product Slider is a Rich Media format that displays products over a background image. The consumer can browse between the products by swiping and/or clicking on arrows. External link upon click.

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