We have now released our new video streaming module relaying on adaptive bitrate streaming techniques, resulting in performance that is at least as good as any competitors on the market when it comes to video handling, being better in streaming the video faster at higher resolutions adapted to the device’s available bandwidth.
ACM now loads video ads faster and looks better.


  • The quality of the video can be as high as the original video quality if the available bandwidth allows it.
  • The ABR load technique minimizes the impact on the page load time.
  • Load time is optimized since fragment sizes are adapted to the user bandwidth.
  • The buffering algorithm is optimized to reduce the impact on the user experience and data consumption.
  • Higher bitrates/heavier videos can now be allowed by publishers thanks to this streaming technique.
  • Support formats working on a wide range of devices, browsers, and all major OS.

Additional updates

While we added the new feature, simultaneously we made some updates that will improve the overall user experience. For example:

  • The feed URL needs to be whitelisted for the security of your feed
  • Iframe wrapper: an adscript converter to iframe and friendly iframe



If you want to know more about the additional updates, please contact us.