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New standard responsive formats for Sportsbook

By April 12, 2018 No Comments

All our Sportsbook customers now have two new ad formats in their accounts. We have added our standard Sportsbook formats “Transformer – Rich Image” and “Transformer – Carousel”. These two formats are based on a 1-X-2 Full Time template and are highly customisable when it comes to modifying the design of the ad. Images, colours, fonts and text styles are all changeable and makes it easy to create new unique ads really quick. Both ad templates are responsive and automatically adapts size and content to fit the ad space and have support for our Geo and Retargeting modules.

If you are a sportsbook customer, you have the new formats available on the ad format selection page. Go and test them out!

Note that customers using deep linking might need a minor customisation, contact us for more information.


Transformer Carousel


Transformer Rich Image