A preview of the new Weekly and Language libraries

Our first major product releases this year will be two new targeting libraries in ACM: Weekly and Language.

Weekly is a library in which you can set different content based on weekday and time of day. For example, you can set weekend-offers on Friday afternoons and lunch-offers weekdays between 10-14. With the Weekly library you can plan your content seven days ahead.

Language is a library in which you can display content based on the user’s language settings (language given in the http request header). For example, a Frenchman whose phone is set to the French language will see content in french even if he/she is traveling through Germany at the moment. I.e. the content is selected based on the language settings rather than the location of the user.
ACM company admins can set default languages for all advertisers. Default languages will be shown first in the list of languages when creating a new library.

ACM now offers seven different libraries, including the new Weekly and Language library. Which can be used to target content such as images, text, click links, external impressions trackers and numbers. The possibilities are endless when you have a wild imagination or just like to structure and plan your everyday work. ACM suits everyone and any type of business. If you would like to know how ACM could further help your business reach its goals, contact us!