SCANDINAVIA’S LEADING provider of Rich Media ads, Adssets goes all-in on gaming. Focusing on creating world-leading gamification solutions and a whole new user experience. Jonas Biström, VP Sales, is presenting the company’s new strategy at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas September 27-29.

Online gaming creates unique experiences for players around the world, but there is still potential for growth. Adssets, one of the most innovative companies on the Rich Media market, is now determinedly stepping into the arena. Their sights are set at markedly improving for players and gaming companies alike through the use of highly engaging gamification ads that, among other things, adapt to scores.

“Adssets are now mobilizing their platforms in the direction of gaming and betting, we are all-in on gaming”, says Adssets CEO, Rickard Ebersjö. “Based off of several billion ad impressions, we’ve created optimization tools and real-time platforms that create world-unique experiences for the consumers and absolute world-class results for the advertisers.”

Jonas Biström, VP Sales, is currently launching the new focus at Global Gaming Expo. The leading gaming trade show and conference takes place September 27-29 at Sands Expo in Las Vegas.
“By taking advantage of our long experience of and great success in online advertising, we can offer gamification clients exceptional engagement based ads”, Biström points out. “The end user can gamble and place bets within the ad without any need for landing pages. This creates amazing ROI as any barriers are removed and the attraction to actually play increases dramatically.”

Adssets are hoping that their strategy will unlock new opportunities for both players and gaming companies across the board. At the same time, their efforts show that gamification is a cutting edge industry in many ways, both in terms of companies and experiences.