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Ad Decisioner now in Beta

By June 6, 2018 No Comments

We are now releasing a Beta version of our new feature Ad Decisioner, that will let you set up scenarios (Decisioners) for deciding which ad to show in an ad space. The Beta version will include two Decisioners:

A/B Simple
A/B Simple is a Decisioner that compares two or more ads and give them an individual score. The ads get the same amount of impressions and are scored based on CTR, Engagement or Viewability or in any combination. Individual weighting of CTR, Engagement and Viewability can be applied and reflected in the score.

Distribution is a Decisioner that distributes impressions between different ads. Multiple ads share one script tag. You can add any number of ads and control the distribution for each one individually. For example 50% of the impressions can be distributed to ad A, 30% to ad B and 20% to ad C.

Our vision is that the Ad Decisioner will help you get real time insights about your campaign performance and user behavior. Optimise and make informed decisions based on real time data and ultimately improve your campaigns results.

The Ad Decisioner is now in Beta which means that we will continue to improve the user interface, general performance and add more features for the coming months. For customers that want to test the Ad Decisioner and learn how it can help improve your campaigns, please contact us for personal demonstration and pricing.