AS WE inch closer to Christmas, we get ready to close the book on November. It was not only an interesting month for a myriad of reasons, but also a very busy one for our Production Team as festive campaigns are launching into full gear. Katarina Stendahl, Client Manager­­, took time out of a busy schedule to answer some of her team’s most frequently asked questions.

Question: What does “custom” mean?
Katarina: “Custom typically means that something is made by the Production team. At Adssets, we structure products and projects into three main categories: Standard, Custom and Custom+.
Standard is quite simply all solutions currently in our product sheet. Filters can be applied to this list, such as “Standard available for programmatic purchase” or “Standard available in Adsself”.
Custom refers to standard solutions that are requested to be altered in some way as well as developed solutions that haven’t yet made it to the product sheet.
Finally, Custom+ includes highly advanced changes to standard solutions and developed solutions not yet in the product sheet. All one-off projects will also be categorized as Custom+.”

Question: How long does production of an ad or solution take?
Katarina: “We pride ourselves on a very fast time-to-market. As a rule, we will deliver Standard and Custom projects within three days. Certain Custom projects may require more time and take a few more days, all the way up to Custom+ projects that due to, for example, necessary testing will take between five and fifteen days to deliver.”

Question: What is the IAB video standard and recommended weight?
Katarina: “For a VideoPreview ad, 5 MB weight and 5-7 seconds’ length. For an auto-play ad, such as a DisplayView video, 2 MB weight and maximum 30 seconds’ length. We recommend 20.
However, if you don’t have the right size, don’t worry. Any video sent to us or uploaded into Adsself will be adjusted, either manually (by us) or automatically (by Adsself).
If you want to read more about IAB’s digital video in-stream ad format guidelines, they are available in full via the IAB website.”

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