Creative Development

The Creative Development Team helps you conceptualise and visualise your client’s strategy for an engaging Rich Media approach.

The purpose of the team is to make Rich Media ad concepts come to life before the ad even goes live.

Our talented team of designers work closely with our clients to brainstorm ideas and come up with solutions that best fit campaign objectives. The ideas are visualised through high quality mockups that can form part of a sales pitch or guidelines for ad production. We also assist with graphical support for clients as needed.

Emma Högberg

Emma Högberg
Director of Creative Development

Malin Wallin
Deputy Director of Production

Ad Production

From campaign pre-launch to launch and post launch, we ensure that the client is happy with their Rich Media ads and understands the results, statistics and data from the process. In short, we turn your creative campaigns ideas into reality.

All ad requests go through us. As soon as an order has been received, we propose suggestions for ad formats together with the Creative Development Team to ensure a best fit solution for our clients. Along the way, we continuously update clients, making sure to answer any questions that may arise. Once a campaign is finished, we follow up and ensure that clients understand the resulting statistics and data from the process.

In other words, we are here to create customer success and always happy to help!

Global Sales

The Adssets sales team operates across the world and has a Global client base of Tier 1 brands, agencies and publishers.

Our sales representatives are well rehearsed in helping our clients achieve their strategies in the most targeted way. The team successfully combines their strong mix of commercial and technical skills, actively enthusing the rest of the Adssets organisation to deliver compelling advertising campaigns.

Prem Athwal

Prem Athwal
VP Sales

Lars Erik Sellin

Lars-Erik Sellin

Chief Technology Office

We drive the company’s technological leadership while taking part in complex technical discussions, solving client issues and setting standards within industry bodies and forums.

Our primary task is to lead technology innovations in the strategic direction defined by the company. We are also in charge of the IPR/Patent strategies and processes for all our products and technology.

Product Management

Our task is to develop and maintain the standard set of ad formats offered to clients while overseeing the development of all our Rich Media Tools.

In Product Management, we optimise the development process to achieve maximum benefit out of each project. We supervise product development and are the glue between sales and R&D.

We plan, execute and deliver to our customers’ wishes while in constant dialogue with them to ensure optimum prioritisation. We also develop and maintain the standard set of ad products that we offer to all our clients and oversee the development of Adsself Studio, Adsscore Reporting and AdsPlan Programmatic Planner.

Lars-Erik Sellin

David Bucar

David Bucar
Director of Research & Development

Research & Development

We promote creativity and self-development in our multidisciplinary team of engineers to ensure the best and most innovative products are delivered.

We keep products and infrastructures moving forward and ensure both internal as well as external needs and expectations are met. To achieve our objectives, we continuously develop new tools and products while simultaneously managing, adapting and increasing knowledge to handle new standards, technologies and trends in the advertising world.