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Over the last five years, Adssets has been a pioneer in the area of Mobile Rich Media Advertising, where we have released World first technologies and acquired numerous patents within this growing and competitive landscape. This has required exceptional innovation and flexible architectures to manage all the myriad of mobile device characteristics in the market ensuring a unique consumer experience.
Now Adssets has released the Advertising Content Manager (ACM), a storytelling platform with integrated machine learning technology. ACM enables our customers to combine real-time data points from multiple sources with creative ads which encourage high brand engagement and conversion.

Ads that are relevant

The attention span you have on a mobile ad is typically 0.2-0.4 seconds. If the consumer, in that time span, is not identifying something interesting the message will be lost. Also, a message that is repeated in the same way more than three times may be perceived negatively, especially if it’s an intrusive format. Talking to your consumer is all about relevance, even in branding, and especially on mobile.
Content matters, content is what consumers consume when browsing. Consumers follow patterns and have become accustomed to ads surrounding the content they consume. The content rule also applies to ads – good ads need to have fresh and relevant content every time a consumer sees the ad in order to get their attention and ultimately earn their engagement with your content and brand.
With ACM you can put your ad content in play.

Stream live data into your ads

Combining live data, e.g. travel offers, product promotions, betting odds, property deals, interest rates etc. It comes with high impact creatives is a killer combination for keeping your ads fresh with up to date content. Additionally, adding 3rd party data to the mix such as context, geo and weather alongside 1st party data such as re-targeting, consumer behaviour – creates a potent mix to make ads that are relevant.
ACM enables you to achieve all of the above in the Rich Media Advertising industry. Using machine learning technology and effective scoring matrices your content can stay effective for the complete funnel, from branding to conversion.

Build Ad stories that matter

Consumers love stories in all mediums, especially mobile. Unfortunately, our World is full of poor storytelling in mobile ads – e.g. A brand may run heavy conversion ads, clickbait and competition style, on consumers that do not value their brand or industry. Or running branding campaigns using video if your brand is irrelevant to the target audience.
A storytelling ad that really works must be built on the perception of your brand by the consumer and targeted to your audience. A good example of a brand wishing to build their perception and lead to conversion is:

  1. Use single images and native for a frequency of five in a week.
  2. Optimize on viewability and dwell time.
  3. Refresh content every frequency.
  4. Switch to Video to maximize purchase intent.

ACM can manage all of the stages above including creatives, content and pacing of your purchasing. In close integration to your prefered  DSP and DMP.

Treat advertising like marketing

Knowing and managing your data is essential for your marketing activities. ACM makes it simple and equally powerful for your rich media advertising activities too. Using ACM, your data can be managed in the same way as your outbound campaigns and lead generation.
ACM will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns with at least 20%!

Want to talk about what ACM can do for you? Let’s chat! Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you in a flash.

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