This coalition has been set up by a number of tier one members including: Facebook,
Google, GroupM, Microsoft and Unilever. The purpose of the coalition is to uncover ad
types/formats that rank low in user experience leading to an increase in ad blockers. The
coalition has carried out extensive research involving more than 25,000 consumers and has
identified four types of desktop web ads and 8 types of mobile web ads that score poorly.
Here is the website where all the ad types and related information can be found: Note that ads in app environment will not be affected by this.

What will happen?

At the start of 2018 Google will have built in an ad blocker in their web browser Google
Chrome (around 50% of the browser users use Chrome which will block all the ads that
work as or similar to the identified ad types that have scored the lowest. It is also
recommended by the coalition for all websites and publishers to set the same standards
since they otherwise cannot guarantee that the ad will be visible to the user. There might be
further measurements taken by the collated companies that have not yet been revealed.

Adssets formats that will be affected

Below is a list of all the ad formats from Assets that will be changed to meet the regulations
for Better Ads. For input or feedback on these changes please contact Adssets. If there are
any client specific ads not mentioned here, that client will be contacted separately.

1. Velvet drop

Since the Velvet Drop auto expands it will probably be considered as a pop-up ad which
is not allowed in the new regulations. We have therefore created a new version of the Velvet Drop
that is user instigated:

2. Mobile Massive

(open on a mobile device:
Since the Mobile Massive auto expands on page load it will probably be considered
as a mobile Prestitial ad. This is allowed on a desktop but on mobile devices, it is
against the regulations. This ad will continue to run on a desktop but will be removed
as a mobile option.

3. Custom expanding ads will be checked before build to see that they meet the

At Adssets we build numerous custom expanding ads per client request.
In the future, we will check all incoming request for expanding ads to make sure that they do
not go against the regulations. To give a short summary here; all ads that pop up
over the page content after the page has been loaded will not be allowed and all mobile ads that are
shown before the page is loaded as a Prestitial overlay ad will not be allowed.

If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact Adssets production team.
We are here to build ads for you and will continue doing so.
Note that this is an interpretation of the regulations on the site and might not be as the
coalition intended. The regulations might also change on the site without our knowledge.

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With love from the Adssets team.