Our mission is to maximise time spent between brand and consumer while delivering world-class quality solutions that work flawlessly, quickly and simply on any device.

Adssets is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with extensive knowledge of the digital media industry.

Founded by a highly experienced management team in 2009, Adssets is now a preferred supplier of Rich Media Mobile solutions to some of the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers.

Our Services

What we do to ensure that you are the hero of our story

Creative Development

The Creative Development Team helps you conceptualise and visualise your client’s strategy for an engaging Rich Media approach.

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Ad Production

From campaign pre-launch to launch and post launch, we ensure that the client is happy with their Rich Media ad and understands the results, statistics and data from the process. In short, we turn your creative campaigns ideas into reality.

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Global Sales

The Adssets sales team operates globally servicing a client base of Tier 1 Brands, Agencies and publishers.

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Chief Technology Office

We drive the company’s technological leadership while taking part in complex technical discussions, solving client issues and setting standards within industry bodies and forums.

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Product Management

Our task is to develop and maintain the standard set of ad formats offered to clients while overseeing the development of all our Rich Media Tools.

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Research & Development

We promote creativity and self-development in our multidisciplinary team of engineers to ensure the best and most innovative products are delivered.

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Meet The Team

Management and Directors

Rickard Ebersjö

Co-founder & CEO

+46 70 374 42 80

Omar Ryde

Co-founder & COO

+4670 269 93 10

Lars-Erik Sellin

Co-founder & CTO

+4670 558 26 99

Prem Athwal

VP Sales

+44 77 90480240

Emma Högberg

Director of Creative Development

+46 70 229 06 17

Malin Wallin

Deputy Director of Production

+4673 330 45 27

David Bucar

Director of Research & Development

+4672 332 93 33

Fredric Andersson

Director of Nordic Sales

+46 70 999 70 60

Jonas Biström

Director of Global Sales

+46 70 972 57 92