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Mobile Page Splitter and Under Cover released formats

By January 18, 2019 No Comments

We are starting off the new year by adding two new mobile ad formats in ACM. The Mobile Page Splitter creates the illusion of splitting the site in half to display content hidden behind the site. The Under Cover format encourages users to swipe the corner of the image to reveal new content underneath it. Both ad formats are great for creating an attention-grabbing reveal of either an offer or product.

The ad formats are available on the formats selection page for non-feed campaigns.


Image shows generic example of Mobile Page Splitter. One of the two new mobile ad formats.

Mobile Page Splitter

The Mobile Page Splitter is a Rich Media format that splits a site in half and expands a full-screen image as the consumer swipes downward. If the consumer continues scrolling downwards, the site disappears upwards. Optionally use a semi-transparent foreground image to create a parallax-like effect. External link upon click.

Please note that this is not an IAB standard format and might require additional setup on the publisher site to function properly. Contact us for more information.

Image shows generic example of Under Cover. One of the two new mobile ad formats.

Under Cover

Under Cover is a Rich Media format that encourages the consumer to uncover more content within an ad space by dragging away the top image to reveal the underlying image. External link upon click on the underlying image.

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