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Ad formats released – Flippic And Image Pusher

By December 14, 2018 No Comments

We would like to introduce you to two new ad formats, now available as self-service templates in ACM – Flippic & Image Pusher. Below you’ll find a more detailed description together with videos showing the functionality. We hope you like them!

FlippicFlippic is a Rich Media format that flips an image to display its backside upon swipe and/or click on arrows. The ad format is cross-screen with click link on both sides. It’s a simple but ”rich” ad format that drives curiosity with only two images

Image PusherImage Pusher is a high impact ad format that takes over the entire screen upon hover. It starts off with a large wrap-around the site. Upon hovering with the mouse over the image it expands and displays new larger images over the whole screen. By hovering yet again with the mouse of the different images, they are pushed to the side to reveal new images behind or in front of the current one. It’s possible to display three to six images in the expanded view. The expansion is closed down by clicking on the X-button, then only the wrap-around will be visible again. Different external links can be set upon click on each image.

Please note that this is not an IAB standard ad format and might require additional setup on the publisher site to function properly. Contact us for more information.

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